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Warhammer 40,000
General Tournament Rules & Standards

The following rules and guidelines are given to establish a standard for play when playing in tournaments at Hit Point Hobbies. These standards are in effect unless otherwise stated in the tournament packet.

For rules with the astericks (*), the assumption here is that the tournament is one of the monthly, Saturday games. Wednesday Night Warlords may use different rules.


Faolchu's Wing
  The relic Faolchu's Wing does not prevent the casting of any psychic power, as all casting is now done in the psychic phase.
Runes of Battle
  The paired powers for each Runes of Battle result are considered separate for all purposes (i.e. casting the same psychic power twice in one turn)
Shadow Spectres
  The first line of the Spectre Holo-field should read: "If a model with a Spectre Holo- field moves in its last Movement phase, it gains a 5+ cover save. If it also makes a Thrust move in the Assault phase, this cover save increases to 4+.
Swooping Hawks
  Swooping Hawk wings do not confer Skyleap or Herald of Victory

Swooping Hawks do not lose ongoing effects (such as Soul Blaze, Falling Back, etc.) if they are off the table due to Skyleap, but are also not affected by them until they return to play

Warp Hunter
  When rolling for damage on the Warp Hunter's main weapon, apply a -1 to the damage result on the Destroyer Chart.
Wave Serpents
  The Wave Serpent's shield does not count for a weapon for the purpose of a "Weapon Destroyed" hit. It is wargear.

The Wave Serpent's shield, the under-slung Shuriken Cannon, and the under-slung Shuriken Catapults all fire as fixed-forward weapons.

Forces of Chaos
Blood for the Blood God / Skulls for the Skull Throne!
  In order to get a Blood Tithe Point, the character with the Skulls got the Skull Throne special rule must be in a challenge when he kills an enemy character. He gets a Blood Tithe point when he dies, even if he is not in a challenge.
Chaos Psychic Focus
  A Psyker with the Chaos Psychic Focus rule cannot gain a Primaris Power from a different discipline through the Psychic Focus rule, even if the psyker rolled all his powers on a single different discipline.
Khorne Daemonkin Summoning
  A summoned units from Khorne Daemonkin Codex cannot switch to glide mode or assault in the same turn they were summoned.

Changing modes is part of the unit's movement, and additional movement is disallowed by the summoning rule.

All technical arguments aside, there is a strong, established practice in the last two editions that no units can assault the turn they arrive on the board unless there is strong, deliberate language to create an exception. This rule does not bear that language.

Marks of Chaos
  Two ICs with different Marks of Chaos cannot both join the same unmarked unit.
  You may determine the type of Daemon unit summoned by the Portalglyph after rolling the D6 for the # of models generated. This unit is treated as part of the Detachment to which the Portalglyph-carrying model belong(s/ed).
  The Screamer Slash Attacks ignore cover saves.
Fortifications & Terrain
  A Psyker cannot manifest a psychic powers from within a building or fortification
Skyshield Landing Pad
  • You can move up and down the Skyshield Landing Pad by climbing up and down the edges as it were ruins, usually requiring a difficult terrain test. The Skyshield requires 4" of movement to climb up and down.
  • The shielded walls of the Skyshield are battlements and provides a 4+ cover save (in addition to the invulnerable save).
  • The horizontal surface of the Skyshield Landing Pad is considered impassable terrain and you cannot climb up own down without moving to the edge first.
  • While firing weapons from a unit, or to a unit, underneath a Skyshield Landing Pad, barrage weapons can not be used.
  • Only individual models standing on the Skyshield Landing Pad can receive the 4+ invulnerable save. it does not extend to other models in the same unit not on the shield.
  • Tank Traps
      Tank Traps are treated as impassable terrain for walkers, like any other vehicle.
    Fortifications and Terrain
    Fortifications & Terrain
      Void Shield Generators and Vengeance Weapon Batteries are medium buildings (i.e. they have 4 hull points).
    Model Legality
    Do all of my Models need to be painted?
      Unless otherwise stated, there is no painting requirement, but painted miniatures are appreciated.
    Can I convert my Models?
      Conversions are allowed. A conversion is where a model is change for artistic expression. Conversions should not change the behavior or expectations of the way a unit performs. When in doubt, it is helpful to have an unconverted model on hand as a reference.
    Monthly Tournament Standard Practices
    Can I proxy Models?
      Proxy Models are not allowed. A proxy model is where you play one model as a different model. For example, you are not allowed to play an Ork Shoota as an Ork Loota.

    Please Contact the TO if you wish to make an exception.

    Can I use "Counts-as Models"?
      Counts-as Models are allowed, but they must still meet the standards of WYSIWYG and they just be thoroughly explained to your opponent each round. A counts-as model is generally where a unique character miniature is replaced with a non-unique. They must also meet the game requirements of the model being counted-as, such as base size.
    To what degree do my models need to be WYSIWYG (What-You-See-is-What-You-Get)?
      What-You-See-is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) applies, meaning that all of the weapons and gear in the army roster must match what is on the miniature. Non-optional gear, such as grenades on a Space Marine, are not required but appreciated.

    If you would like to make an exception, contact the Tournament Organizer.

    How is Table Parings done?
      The following is used for Monthly Tournaments.
    • When possible, players are grouped into "teams" based on a player's location. Players from the same team should not play each other regardless of scoring. We do this to help increase the variety of armies and players encountered. Teams are chosen by the Tournament Organizer.
    • If a large enough player base is present, arrangements will also take in effect what army codexes are played.
    • Round pairing is handled by software.
    • Table assignment is also given by software. When the number of prepared tables exceeds the number of players, some tables may be broken down during the day to make room and accomodations for other patrons of the store.
    Are Mysterious Objectives Used?
      No, in the past we have run tournaments and they are inconstantly used. In order to keep it fair between all tables they are not used.
    Is Mysterious Terrain Used?
      In general, unless otherwise stated, mysterious terrain is not used.

    Applicable terrain pieces are not available for all tables, and to many players have forgotten in past events to make the effects of Mysterious Terrain consistent between games.

    What do I do when the Game Ends?
      Find the TO and have him help you score. This is to make sure all games are scored consistently and the score sheets are filled out properly before any models are removed from the table.
    What happens if one opponent tables another?
      In the case one opponent loses all of his forces, the game continues to the end of turn 7 (no role is needed) to allow the winning opponent any chance to control any additional objectives.
    What happens if one opponent forfeits the game?
      The winning player gets to act as if he tables the opponent.

    The forfeiting player receives zero points for the game.

    If at the end of turn 5 or 6 the game ends, and all of the opponents units are falling back. I effectively tabled my opponent. Do I get to continue to round 7?
    How is the winner of the tournament determined.
      Consult the tournament package, but in general ...
    • The winner for a tournament will be based on the win / loss record of all of the matches
    • A pre-defined tie-breaker score will be used. It will either be the points to determine the winner of the game or a separate scoring system.
    • When there is a tie for win / loss, the total of the difference between the player and the player's opponents are used.
    Night Scythe
    • The Tesla Weapons on the bottom of the Night Scythe are hull mounted.
    • Models can not embark into a Night Scythe
    Psychic Phase
    Conjured Units
      Conjured units are considered part of your army, but are not considered part of a specific Detachment, and thus do not follow any special rules or effects granted to units part of a specific Detachment (i.e., Objective Secured).
      A unit with multiple psychic elements (different Psyker/ Brotherhood of Psyker, etc) may not cast the same power more than once per psychic phase, even if they come from different psychic elements.
    Psychic Powers
    Psychic Phase
      A Unit with a special rule which causes it to always hit on a specific value in close combat, such as Kharn, will always hit on those specific values against an Invisible unit.
    Shooting Phase
    Destroyer Weapons
      This is a step-by-step method to handling how to roll a weapon with the destroyer rule.

    1. Determine the number of models hit
    2. Roll of the destroyer table, discard any ones. Separate the roles of 6 into a different wound group (if any).
    3. The attacker determines which wound group is handled first.
    4. For rolls of 2-5 on the Destroyer table:

      1. Determine the order which models would receive wounds (as normal).
      2. Roll for look out sir (if possible/desired)
      3. Roll saves (as for normal wounds)
      4. Roll for the number of wounds delivered to models who failed their save (if necessary)
      5. Remove models as needed

      For a roll of 6

      1. Determine the order which models would receive wounds (as normal).
      2. Roll for the number of wounds delivered to models (if necessary)
      3. Remove models as needed
      If any of the models in a unit choose to do a movement in the shooting phase (running, moving flat out), then all models in the unit are considered to be performing a movement.

    Actions that can be performed "instead of shooting" may not be done if the unit has chosen to move during the shooing phase. For example, a tech priest can not choose to use the Blessing of the Omnissiah rule while other members of his squad choose to run or turbo boost. Likewise, if a member of a unit does an "instead of shooting" action, none of the other units may move.

    Hunter Contingent- Coordinated Firepower
      When the Coordinated Firepower rule is used, the player must declare all units that can participate in the attack before any dice are rolled. All models in those units MUST fire at the designated target (regardless of target lock).

    For Stormsurges (or any Gargantuan Monstrous Creature), the player must declare which weapons (at least one per model) are being fired at the designated target at the time the Coordinated Firepower attack is declared. The designated weapon(s) cannot be fired at a different target. When player chooses to fire the remaining weapons, they may be target the same unit and get the appropriate bonus, or they may be fired at other units; but those attacks will not receive the bonus from the Coordinated Firepower Rule.

    If Commander Shadowsun is declared as part of the Coordinated Firepower attack, she may also fire one her fusion blasters at a second unit, as described as above, except she must declare the second target before the dice for the Coordinated Firepower attack is rolled.

      A Tyrannocyte cannot be placed inside of another Tyrannocyte.
    Universal Special Rules (USRs)
    Deep Strike
      Unless a unit has a specific rule in its unit data sheet, the unit (skimmers included) carries out deep-strike mishap as normal.
    Feel No Pain
      A Feel No Pain roll always fails on a roll of a 1 on the dice, even though it is not a save.
      A model that fires during an opponents turn using the Interceptor special rule:
    • Must have line of sight to its target even if the weapon being fired does not normally require LoS.
    • Always counts as stationary for this firing.
    • May still fire Overwatch if assaulted in the same player turn, even with the same weapon used to intercept.
    • Cannot fire more weapons than it is normally able to fire during its own shooting phase.
      If a Blast or Template weapon is placed so as to intentionally hit multiple units with the Jink USR, any unit intentionally placed under the template/blast may choose to Jink. This does not apply if a blast weapon scatters from the initial target and hits a unit not originally placed under the template/blast.

    A unit targeted by a Witchfire psychic power may wait to declare whether or not it is Jinking until the power has been successfully manifested.

      An Ordnance weapon with the Tank Hunter special rule must re-roll both armor penetration dice or none at all.

    A vehicle firing an Ordnance weapon may only fire Snap Shots with its other weapons regardless of whether those other weapons are fired before or after the Ordnance weapon.

    If a Ordnance weapon rolls 3D6 for armor penetration (such as the Eldar Revenants Sonic Lance), then roll four dice instead of three and pick the three highest results.

    Primary Weapon
      If a Primary weapon rolls 3D6 for armor penetration (such as the Eldar Revenants Sonic Lance), then roll four dice instead of three and pick the three highest results.
      When a transport vehicle makes a Scout redeployment the unit being transported also counts as making a Scout redeployment.

    Fortifications may never benefit from the Scout special rule.

      If a unit that can stomp is locked in combat, its stomp attack can be used against eligible units outside of combat.

    You can Look-out-sir!! all attacks from a stomp attack, even when the "Overrun" result is rolled.

    Vector Strike
      A unit can perform a Vector Strike in the same turn that it leaves Combat Airspace.
      If a Vortex blast strikes a model and the model survives the attack, then the model is considered occupying the same space as the vortex marker, even though both are impassible terrain. Using a blast marker instead of a dome may help.

    If by chance a model is completely or partially covered by a vortex blast it cannot perform actions; it cannot be assaulted, effected by psychic powers or take any damage other than that from the vortex. Once the Vortex moves (or disappears) off of a surviving model, it can behave as normal.

    Vehicle Rules
    Measuring Distance to Flyers
      When a flier is in hover mode, the base can be used to measure distance for scoring or contesting objectives.
      A model can only disembark from a skimmer (or flier in hover mode) using the base if it can physically fit next to the base. If the model is too tall (i.e. a dire avenger disembarking from a wave serpent), it must use the defined access point. This is in accordance with the rules for disembarking from a vehicle.

    Skimmers that Deep Strike onto enemy models mishap normally (their scatter is not reduced to avoid enemy models).

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