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The Highlander

Warhammer 40k - Tournament

June 25, 2022 9:30

There can be only one!
The Highlander is a Warhammer 40K tournament where you can only play ONE of each unit in your army.

Special Rules
$15 entry.
1850 points.
Battlefield Size 44"x60".
GT Strike Force Missions: 23,32,21

Each Datasheet from your army's codex can only be used once.
Troop choices are excluded from this restriction but each force organization slot in your army must be filled before extra troop choices can be taken. Dedicated transports are also excluded from this restriction but must have different weapon and wargear loadouts where possible.
The Lord of War slot is optional and is not mandatory to be filled.
Space Marines cannot use Combat Squads.
Only one TITANIC model can be in your army regardless of different Datasheets or unit composition. This includes Knights.

The spirit of this game is for players to field different units and army lists that they might not normally play but I am sure there will be exceptions and questions. Please feel free to ask.



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