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Warhammer 40k - Scenario

November 28, 2020 1:00

Our annual Tanksgiving event!

Bring any Warhammer 40K VEHICLE regardless of points cost, and fight for great prizes!

Tanksgiving is a Warhammer 40k vehicle battle event where event each participant will earn points fighting in a free-for-all battle against all other participants all while trying to capture the Golden Turkey. When a player's model is destroyed they will re-spawn from a random table edge. The game will continue until any player escapes off the designated table edge with the Golden Turkey or until 7pm.


1st place: Store credit.

2nd Place: Store Credit.

3rd Place: Store Credit.

Most Deaths: Set of Dice.

Escape with the Golden Turkey: 40K Single model kit of your choice!

Special Rules
Special Rules:
$15 Entry Fee. All money goes to prize support.

Bring any single 40K vehicle Model. No passengers in vehicles.

Points cost is not a factor. If any player brings a Lord of War vehicle then all lower point models will receive upgrades prior to the match. All models must be legal to play according to their respective codex.

Warhammer 40K, 30K, Forge World models only no proxies.

This game is played on a specially configured 4'x20' battlefield.

The only phases to the game will be Movement and Shooting. No assaulting.

1 point for each wound removed from an opposing model.
2 points for each wound removed from Lord of War model.
2 points for the last wound taken from a model.
5 Points for each turn holding the Golden Turkey!
The game will continue until a vehicle escapes off of the starting board edge with the Golden Turkey token. The game then ends and points are tallied and winners awarded.



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