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10th Annual War for Tots

Warhammer 40k - Tournament

December 14, 2019 9:00

The 10th Annual War for Tots Warhammer 40,000 event is coming this year. The date will be December 14th.

This event is our largest event of the year, generally in excess of 20 players from all over the state and some from other states as well. This will be a three-round tournament, Win-Loss. The missions have a Christmas Theme. Also, every objective you capture of the game equates directly to chocolate, guaranteeing every victory will be a delicious treat.

But that is not all ..

There is will be an in-game raffle, meaning when you pay your admission you will get a small number of raffle tickets. At the beginning of every round, we will hold a raffle for in-game benefits. These might be pick-your-opponent, pick your table, place one extra objective on the table, Your character gets +2 wounds, +1 roll to go first and other goodness to help you in the game. You can also buy additional tickets to improve your odds of winning. But is buying a ticket actually worth it?

Of course it is, because there is also a second raffle for prizes at the end of the tournament. We take donations from the local stores and players and in turn they are raffled off. Typical prizes are New-in-Box Prizes such as model kits, terrain kits, starter sets, paint brushes, dice, board games, etc. So ever ticket you buy not only goes 100% to Toys for Tots, but it can mean you walk out of the door with new toys!!

But that is not all ..

After the first round, we take a lunch break. When we get back from lunch we have our miniature auction. Our pool of local painters has already started to build and paint top-quality miniatures for auction. The auctions may be for single miniatures, complete squads or even entire armies. So keep an eye out for what models are being donated and look for a way to add a beautiful miniature to your army.

But we need your help &.

First of all, come to the event and roll some dice. It is very hard to brighten up the Christmas of a kid in need if youre sitting at home playing X-Box. We are Warhammer 40,000 players, lets play some Warhammer.

Special Rules
Had you ever gotten into the spirit to start a new army and you bought a kit or two; and now those boxes just sit up on a shelf collecting dust? Well bring them to the event or send them with a friend for the prize raffle. Players and non-players buy tickets as they see the prize stack grow.

Are you a good painter, or even a commission painter? Then show off your skills for the miniature auction. It's a great chance to show off your work and see just how much it is worth as people get into a bidding war. So at the end of the day, we hand Toys for Tots a big wad of cash: half of the entry fees, all of the raffle ticket sales, all of the miniature auction sales and any donations the players and non-players like to add to the pot. When we started this event we were happy to hand over about $350.00, but now we are crossing $2,000 on almost every event. Let's make this year a success.

And this is important money for Toys for Tots. The local rep always shows up to take the donation and meets the players in person. He has told us time and time again that Toys for Tots get lots of donations in the way of toys every year. That is great but when someone buys a toy for a child they almost always buy toys for small children, such as dolls and toy cars. At the end of the day, the older children are often ignored. By getting a cash donation from the War for Tots, the Toys for Tots volunteers are able to balance their supply of toys with the children in need. So they can take our donation and buy a lot more toys for the dollar than we can, and put a present in the hands of a 10 or 11 year old who would have nothing to open on Christmas morning while their 3-year old little brother or sister gets a toy from Santa. Our donations matter.

So please, mark the event on your calendars and get your armies ready to march onto the board on December 9th. The Event Packet can be downloaded at http://hitpointhobbies.com/files/WarforTots2019.pdf



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