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11th Annual War for Tots

Warhammer 40k - Tournament

December 5, 2020 9:00

11th Annual War for Tots Warhammer 40k Charity Tournament.

Our War for tots is our largest event of the year with participants arriving fro all around the state. This event raises money for the United States Marine Corps Charity Toys for Tots.

Along with the tournament itself, other events include:
Charity Raffle.
Charity Auction.
Scrap Build Terrain Challenge judging.
Swag bags for all participants.

Hit point hobbies is also a Toys for Tots drop off station.

Special Rules
Tournament Specifics:
$25 Entry fee. $10 goes to Toys for tots. 2020 pts.
Custom 9th edition Missions to follow.
Best Coast Paring scoring and management.
BCP App required for all participants
Space is limited to 32 players maximum.



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