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15th Annual Deff Race 40,000!

Warhammer 40k - Casual Play

September 24, 2022 1:00

The Orks are at it again and invite you back to the 15th Annual Deff Race 40,000!

The Deff Race is a vehicle battle event where points cost is not a factor. Players bring one Warhammer 40K vehicle and race around an Ork themed track complete with zip pads, jumps and teleporters! The goal is to rack up points by blasting your opponents to bits and completing laps; while trying not to get destroyed by the other racers or the track itself! Don't worry about running a low point vehicle; these will get bonus upgrades at the start of the race and you can grab power-ups during the event to event the odds.

Prizes are awarded for the top three overall points finishers as well as most kills and most deaths.
Players can come and go during this all day event.

Special Rules
$10.00 Entry Fee. All fees go toward prize support.

Warhammer 40K VEHICLES only, no Aircraft or Walkers. There are no points limit to model choices but all vehicles and upgrades must be legal as according to the appropriate codex. Passengers in vehicles are not allowed.

Any vehicle which conforms to the above rules are allowed but all vehicles are subject to a judge's approval.

Vehicles re-spawn after being destroyed from the last pit stop passed on the track.
Zip pads and jumps provide bonus speed to movement and power-ups on the track provide temporary bonuses. Vehicles with the FLY keyword, (Skimmers) cannot take advantage of zips pads or jumps but can grab power-ups.
Environmental and random track events can effect gameplay every turn.

+1 Point for each wound dealt to an enemy vehicle.
+10 points for completing a lap.
+1 bonus point for destroying a vehicle.
+2 points for causing a vehicle to explode.( for this game, all vehicles can explode on a roll of 6 when destroyed. Vehicles that have the EXPLODE keyword will explode on a 5+)
+3 bonus points for destroying a vehicle by ramming.(Special ramming rules in effect)
+5 bonus points for destroying a vehicle by ramming by landing on the model after a jump.

+1 point for using a zip pad or telyporter.
+3 points for a telyfrag.(teleporting onto an other vehicle model)
+1 point for using a jump.
+1 point for jumping your model directly over another model.
+1 point for jumping a vehicle over 24"



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